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Ostatnia wygrana Taurus w Rankingu w dniu 22 Marzec

Taurus posiadał najczęściej polubioną zawartość!


141 Wspaniała

O Taurus

  • Tytuł
    Palący lacia
  • Urodziny 13.05.1961

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  1. Taurus

    Gwóźdź w tylnej oponie

    Jak przy wulkanizowanych tak przy nowych jest wszystko dobrze jak sie nic nie stanie , jednak jak sie cos stanie to i tak beda wykrety i szukania winy u ciebie (bylo za niskie cisnienie ,za wysokie i takie tam bajery) sam to na wlasnej skorze doswiadczylem. Ps.Zajrzyj na Pw.
  2. Taurus

    Gwóźdź w tylnej oponie

    Co masz na mysli ?
  3. Taurus

    Śmieszne zdjęcia

  4. Taurus

    Świerzak :)

  5. Moze sie przyda. Nie rzadko zadajemy sobie pytanie , jakie opony do mojego (Twojego) motocykla.Na rynku jest moc tego , tylko jakie najlepiej beda sie sprawowaly w twoim motorku.Mam internetowy katalog opon gdzie nie trzeba zaraz kupowac tylko mozna sprawdzic (porownac) jakie opony fabryka do poszczegolnego typu motka zaleca. kliknij na: 1.Motorradhersteller 1.Marka Motocykla 2.Hubraum 2.Poj.silnika 3.Model Nastepnie kliknij na: PASSENDE REIFEN SUHEN (Wyszukiwanie odpowiednich opon) i to by bylo na tyle. Np.
  6. Taurus

    Plecaki na rumaki.

    Czasy sie zmieniaja .Znaczna wiekszosc wozakow ma swoja Dziewczyne (Slubna).Nie malo Dziewczyn ma swoj sprzet a tendencje wzrastaja , tak ze nikt nie stoi w miejscu.
  7. Taurus

    158 cm i co dalej :)

    Jak Lynx Lynx pisze Kawa ER-6n jest godna uwagi (wysokosc siedzenia 78.5 cm /wersja ER-6F 79 cm) Ze wzgledu niewielkiej roznicy w wysokosci siedzen polecam ER-6F.
  8. Taurus


  9. Taurus

    Podbeskidzie wita

  10. Taurus

    Plecaki na rumaki.

    Oj,przy tak dlugich nogach nie kazdy motocykl bedzie optymalnie wygodny do Ciebie jako plecaczka
  11. Taurus

    Prośba o pomoc, zaginął przyjaciel

    To jest najwazniejsze ze jest !!!
  12. Taurus

    Spalanie w motocyklu

    Mopliki na ciekly gaz to nie jest nic nowego.Tego typu wynalazki byly juz w 50tych latach. Sam mialem stycznosc z pojazdami na ciekly gaz jeszcze jako uczen w warsztycie samochodowym gdzie bylem zatrudniony. Cytat na ten temat. Lack of alternatives, which is misleadingly proclaimed today in such social spheres, does not prevail in terms of fuels. Petrol, diesel, electric, hydrogen, hybrid or LPG are all common options today when it comes to vehicle drives. This is not only fueled by possible environmental discourses, but also lively discussion in economic terms. However, there are certain vehicles for which the use of alternative fuels is now almost natural. Although electric cars are still in the minority in relation to gasoline-powered vehicles, they are not a very surprising sight any more. Also LPG drives have been a solid institution in vehicle construction for nearly a century. For cars and trucks they are therefore also not completely outlandish. In contrast, scooters, motorcycles or quads with LPG are rather unusual. This does not mean that they do not exist. On the contrary, the history of liquid-gas scooters began as early as the 1950s. For example, the amateur driver Ralph Carlton from Florida has already converted his Vespa to LPG in 1955, which sparked some media attention at the time. And even in the 'roller-blinded' Italy has long been on LPG drives. The same applies to electric motors; they too are not inventions of the 21st century. So all this has happened before, and it is - by some means - nothing new or revolutionary. It only raises the question of why these alternatives have long been forgotten and are now being rediscovered, so to speak. In the first place, this certainly has a lot to do with the fact that the fuel prices for consumers at that time did not represent much of an indignation; secondarily, there was still no social awareness of society as a whole, which would have normatively called for the use of alternative energies. Bei's is different today. On the one hand, oil prices - despite the current oil spill - relatively high, and it is likely that they will increase significantly in the near future, or worse again. On the other hand, it is at least as virulent that the energy transition is specifically without alternative and sooner or later a reorientation of society as a whole becomes inevitable. The current, if somewhat subdued, developments in the vehicle market reflect this. In view of this, the increasing conversion of scooters to liquefied petroleum gas seems to be merely a logical consequence. Let us now show you how this can be done and what advantages and disadvantages such measures may entail. Convert scooter to LPG: What is LPG? A gas station for LPG. In technical jargon, liquid or LPG is often referred to as LPG or NGL. LPG stands for "Liquefied Petroleum Gas", while the NGL is an abbreviation for "Natural Gas Liquids". Liquefied gas is usually composed of butane and propane. These have the convenient property at low pressure and room temperature in the liquid state of aggregation, whereby they can be transported well. LPG is produced as a by-product of oil and gas production and, in contrast to the latter, is not transported in pipelines but by ships, rail tank cars or road tankers. It is used, among other things, for heating purposes, as a camping or lighter gas and as a refrigerant. In addition, in partially different mixing ratios, it is also used in ordinary gasoline engines. The liquefied gas now not only has the advantage of being cheaper than gasoline or diesel; it is also more environmentally friendly as it causes less pollutants. For example, emissions of nitrogen oxides are 80 percent lower compared to conventional fuels, despite an inevitable increase in consumption. CO2 emissions are also around 16 percent lower than other fuels. As a result, gas-powered forklifts, for example, are the only vehicles with internal combustion engines that can be used indoors. By contrast, the use of liquefied petroleum gas does not pose increased risks, according to ADAC. This is ensured, among other things, by technical security measures and the obligation to have regular inspections carried out by authorized inspection bodies. Driving a scooter with LPG: This is how the conversion works In the meantime, prices for LPG are around half that of normal fuel. This increases the willingness of many consumers to convert their companions to LPG. So also the readiness of many scooter riders. The biggest hurdle is certainly the placement of the bulky gas tank dar. As with the motorcycle there are only a few ways to implement the scooter. Albo
  13. Taurus

    Śmieszne zdjęcia

  14. Taurus

    Prośba o pomoc, zaginął przyjaciel

    Ze tak powiem aby "zaciagnac petle zwrócenia uwagii Forumowiczow ....." dodal bys jeszcze wiek Kolegi , w jakim miescie Kolega mieszka , marka i kolor samochodu (numer rejestracyjny) Ps.Oby wszystko skończyło sie pozytywnie.
  15. Taurus

    śmieszny Filmik


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